A Musical Kayaking Adventure on Casco Bay

A sea kayak tour to fort gorges featuring live music

Sundays, 3:30 PM  to 7:00 PM
$65 per person

If you love hearing live music and you’re into outdoor adventure, this is the sea kayak trip for you! This unique combination of kayaking, live music and history is easily our favorite trip and we're really excited to bring it back for the 2019 season. Acoustic Paddle is an experience that involves paddling to historic Fort Gorges for a performance by a musician surrounded by the granite walls of the fort. There’s also time for exploring the fort and enjoying gorgeous panoramic views of Casco Bay and the Portland skyline.  To top it all off, we paddle back to the mainland as the sun is setting.

Our 2019 Lineup

June 23: Caroline Cotter
July 14: Sara Hallie Richardson
July 28: Emilia Dahlin
August 11: Sara Hallie Richardson
August 25: Sorcha Cribben-Merrill

The trips start at 3:30 at Portland Paddle’s East End Beach shop. Portland Paddle's guides will gear everyone up and provide some paddling tips before the group heads out into the bay to explore the islands of Portland harbor on our way to Fort Gorges. We'll look out for seals, sea bird and other sights as we make our way across the open waters of the bay. 

After some paddling, we'll arrive at the Fort to settle in for a set of live music. Every Acoustic Paddle features a performance by a different talented artist. The fort provides a perfect setting and the acoustics are incredible. We’ll also provide a small spread of snacks to enjoy as we listen. After the music winds down, we'll paddle back to the East End just before darkness settles over the harbor. 


  • Starting off your trip with a brief lesson on the basics of sea kayaking with one of our expert kayak guides

  • Roughly two hours of slow to moderate-paced sea kayaking in a group of 10-20 paddlers; appropriate for novice kayakers.

  • Landing on a beach on the small island that is home to Fort Gorges.

  • Roughly 30 minutes of live music inside the fort, plus time to explore the fort and enjoy the views.

  • Possible sightings of seals, eider ducks, guillemots, osprey, eagles and all sorts of seabirds

  • Possible splashing and dripping during the paddle -- you may get slightly damp or wet.

  • Double (two-person) sea kayaks that are stable, swift and perfect for people of all skill levels. Or, if you prefer, request a solo kayak.

What to Bring

  • Non-cotton clothes that will keep you warm when wet (cotton does not retain warmth when wet)

  • An extra layer to keep you warm (fleece jackets and nylon shells are great)

  • Sun protection

  • Water bottle

  • Snacks (we’ll provide some snacks too, but you are welcome to bring your own food as well).

  • Shoes that you don’t mind getting wet (sturdy footwear is best for exploring Fort Gorges)

  • Camera or smartphone (we’ll provide a dry bag for each group)

  • Please DO NOT bring alcoholic beverages. We need everyone to be fully sober for the paddle back, and drinking is generally prohibited in Portland’s public parks, including Fort Gorges.